Poetry in Brick and Clay – Part 2

This is the second post of this series, the first post can be found here. In this series, I am trying to document my experiences in Bishnupur, the famous temple-town in West Bengal, India, where I visited last year with my parents.

Jor Bangla Temple

Another wonderful temple, with extraordinary terracotta works, is the Jor Bangla temple, which is also known as Kesta Rai temple. This temple is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Like most of the other temples of Bishnupur, this one was also built during the reign of Malla dynasty in Bengal. Most probably, Malla king Raghunath Singha erected this temple in 1655 AD. The style of this temple involves two structures that resemble the traditional village huts of Bengal.

IMG_0696edddd IMG_0701edddddd

The terracotta panels of this temple narrate scenes from the epics of India. There were panels depicting hunting scenes and other depictions of contemporary social life. I had heard that this temple also has terracotta works on the interior walls, but ASI no longer allows tourists to enter the temple. So, we could only see the ornamentation of the exterior.

IMG_0699edddd  IMG_0707eddd

IMG_0700eddddd  IMG_0712edddddddddd

IMG_0690eddddd  IMG_0703edddddd

We spent quite some time in the temple ground, clicking pictures of the amazingly intricate terracotta panels, which literally made us spell-bound.


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