Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge (June 26)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

This is my first participation in Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. The theme of this week is “Muse”, and the question they ask is the following :

So what’s your muse — what subject do you turn to frequently, more inspired each time?

Well, I find it quite challenging indeed ! As a beginner amateur photographer, I am trying to capture pretty much everything – nature, animals, portraits, wedding photos – and everything else that comes on my way. This is my learning-phase actually. I am not an expert in any kind of photography till now. I am still trying to understand what I am good at, and also, in some sense I am trying to understand what is my muse !

So I thought quite a lot about it. May be nature is my muse.. but nature is almost everything. I have to pin-point my muse. I started to look at the photographs I had taken in past years. Is there any trend?

Ahh.. then I think I found something interesting which I am sharing with you today. These two photographs were taken in Annecy, a small town in France. One of these photographs were taken in the year 2012, during winter, as you can see that the trees are leaf-less. At that time I had a small point-and-shoot camera. The other one was taken in 2013, during spring-time, and the trees are full of green leaves. This time I had a better camera, not a DSLR, but a much better camera than what I had back in 2012.


Annecy (Year 2012)


Annecy (Year 2013)

Both the photographs show a bridge, known as Lovers’ Bridge or Pont des Amours. Legend says that if two lovers kiss on the bridge then they will be together forever. Aww.. it’s so romantic. I love it.

The view of the bridge is absolutely magical from the place I clicked it. There are two specific reasons why I call it magical.

  • In both the pictures, one can notice that the trees on the either side of the water-body bow down to the lovers’ bridge. Do they show respect to the lovers? Who knows !
  • There is a change of color of the water-body, which is actually the lake of Annecy. From the bridge onwards, it takes a beautiful cyan color.

I look forward to visit Annecy again and next time I would love to capture the lovers’ bridge during sunset, when the surroundings will be decorated in gorgeous scarlet color.

That’s it for this week’s photo challenge. Do not forget to leave your comment about the photographs I shared. Your suggestions and criticisms will help me to grow as a photographer.


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