Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : Houses

This post is in response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge and the theme for this week is “Houses”

….  big, small, lighthouses, birdhouse, firehouse, dog house, doll house or toys.  Houses can be anything we live in or animals or even our dolls.  The possibilities are endless.

Sounds cool ! So, here comes my clicks for houses.


A house in Paradfurdo, Hungary (Year 2013)


A house near Swiss-French border (Year 2012)


Lighthouse of Fort Aguada, Goa, India. Fort Aguada is a seventeenth-century Portuguese fort (Year 2014).


Birdhouse, Paradfurdo, Hungary (Year 2013)

I hope you like these B&W photos. Let me know your feelings about my clicks in the comments section. I’m eager to get your feedback.

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