Blogging 101 : Introducing myself and my blog

Hello fellow bloggers! I am Ms. Swagata Mukherjee from Kolkata, India. I have just submitted my Ph.D thesis in Physics and I am waiting to get the degree. I have been blogging in WordPress for the last 2 months, so I am relatively new in blogosphere. I have two reasons to start a blog. I love to travel and I want to share my travel stories with the world. The second reason is photography, which is one of my hobbies. I do take a lot of pictures, especially when I am traveling. I do not have any formal training in photography. It is just that I love to capture whatever attracts my eyes. I am an amateur photographer. I think that photography is also a wonderful way to preserve the memories of the fantastic moments of life. So, the bottomline is that clicking is important,Β and I am here to show my clicks to my fellow bloggers. I would love to connect to amateur and professional photographers via this blog and I hope to learn a lot about photography by interacting with them.

The title of my blog is “Through My Eyes”, which is very generic as a title of a blog, but I want it to be generic because I may occasionally want to write a book-review or an essay about some social issue. If the title were too specific, like say Swagata’s travel diary or Through Swagata’s lens, then it would have seemed very odd to publish anything unrelated to travel or photography. However, my blog’s followers and would-be followers may note that my blog is mostly about travel and photography. I try other things very rarely.Β The tag-line of my blog is “The World, as I see it”, which is just a further clarification of the title.

In these past 2 months, I have published several posts and I have received positive feedback from the other bloggers. I am also taking part in some of the weekly photo challenges. I find blogging really enjoyable. I do hope that I will find enough time in coming days to keep blogging successfully.


17 thoughts on “Blogging 101 : Introducing myself and my blog

  1. Traveling and photography… a wonderful combination. Besides this good luck for your PhD!

    Keep on blogging and have a look at my blog (I currently am working on my impressions from wonderful India!)

    Kind Regards,


    1. Thank you Vincent. I visited your blog. Your photographs are really wonderful. It is very nice to know that you have visited India and you have captured such beautiful portraits.

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  2. Hi Swagata. I am a fellow scientist and amateur photographer. We are already connected through some photography challenges and I have enjoyed seeing your work. I did blogging 101 earlier this year and enjoyed it immensely. Welcome to the world of blogging and thank you for sharing your world with us. Good luck with your thesis!

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  3. Swagatha, welcome to blogosphere. I love your photos. Waiting to see more of them. Bloggin101 is a great course. Good luck with your blog.

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