Post-Lunch Nap

Urban Skyline

1/40th     F/5.8     ISO-100 1/40th     F/5.8     ISO-100

For the residents of Kolkata, visiting the city zoo is a fun, and they often do it, especially in winter, when the weather is good here in India. Summer, in Kolkata is intolerable because of scorching heat (around 40 degrees C) and extreme humidity (around 80% or more). Winters are lovely in comparison to that, with less humidity and a moderate temperature of around 10 to 15 degrees. I am born and brought-up in Kolkata and I am whole-heartedly a Kolkatan. So I also love to visit the city zoo in winter. Among the several animals, the prime attractions are, of course, the Royal Bengal tigers. They come in two colors, white and orange, both with black stripes on it. Both are photogenic and they like to pose for camera. I have clicked them several times. On a wonderful winter afternoon I had…

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