Most cherished objects

This post is for The Cherished Blogfest event.

A woman in her late twenties possesses so many different kinds of things. Isn’t it too hard to say which one is the most cherished object?

When I first came across “The Cherished Blogfest” event details, I kept on thinking for quite some time. Do I really know which is my most favourite possession? I thought about my collection of paintings. Are they my most favourite possessions? I also thought about my laptop, some of the story books that I really like to read, even I thought about some of my nice-looking sarees and jewellery! But none of these things seemed to be special enough to write a post about. But, after thinking deeply for some more time, I finally could figure out those two things which are closest to my heart. So, here come a few words about my most cherished objects.

The first one is my cell phone. It is very close to my heart because my husband gifted that to me on the day of our registry marriage in November 2013. It is a Samsung Duos smartphone. I still remember the day when I and my would-be husband went to a Samsung store in one of the shopping malls in our city, Kolkata. It was the day before our legal marriage. Together we saw some of the latest smartphone models and finally decided on one. Me and my husband are currently living in two different cities in India and we do talk a lot over phone. You know, a long distance relationship is all about talking. Thus, the cellphone has become an integral part of my life.

The second cherished object is my digital camera, CANON Powershot SX40 HS. I am passionate about photography and this is the first camera that I bought with my own money. And as you know, the first is always special. I may buy better cameras in coming years, but this Canon Powershot camera will always have a very special place in my heart. This camera is easy to use and good for beginners like me. The best part is that it has 35X optical zoom. Isn’t that cool? I may have taken some thousands photos with my camera already and I hope to click a lot more. My camera is MY 3RD EYE.

That’s all about my cherished objects. Don’t forget to let me know about yours in the comments section.

Happy blogging !