Blogging 101 : Inspired by the neighbors

Coincidence happens.

Just a couple of days ago, I discovered this wonderful blog named asnappshot (please do visit, this is a very charming blog !). The owner of this blog lives in USA, but he has visited India several times. In India, the city where he has come several times (probably because of his work) is Bangalore and thus, he has travelled a lot of places in and around Bangalore. This  information was given in his about page, and I was obviously interested to have a look at his blog posts! Ahh.. you don’t understand why? Well, it’s not only because of the fact that I am an Indian. Let me tell you 🙂

I am from the Indian city Kolkata. But I have a very close connection with Bangalore. My husband (who is also from Kolkata) is currently living in Bangalore. He is a faculty in Indian Institute of Science. So, I often visit Bangalore! I do not stay in Bangalore though, because I am doing my PhD from an institute in Kolkata. But as I said, I keep visiting my husband in regular intervals. In fact, now (it’s 16th July) I am writing this blog post sitting in Bangalore. But it’s again a short visit. I have to go back to Kolkata on 20th… I have already booked my tickets.

Are you thinking that the connection with Bangalore was the only coincidence? Oh no no! Wait. When browsing the blog, I found this wonderful photo. This photo, as he explains already in his post, was taken by him in a market place at Mysore. And you know what? Just a few days before I discovered this blog and this particular photo, I made a plan to visit Mysore with my husband and my parents-in-law. Isn’t that a funny coincidence?

So, dear bloggers, I will be off to Mysore tomorrow (17th July). Mysore is very near to Bangalore and it just takes 3 hours to go by train. It is a nice historic place and I hope to enjoy a lot. Ah yes, I may also try to visit the market place to enjoy the sight of the colourful powders in the containers 😀

I will be back to Bangalore on 20th morning and on the same day, in evening, I will be travelling back to my hometown, Kolkata. Hmmm… it’s going to be hectic. Anyway, the good thing is that I will have a lot of fun in Mysore before going back 🙂

Bye and keep blogging.


Blogging 101 : A post for the ideal audience

Today I will proudly let you know about a gorgeous festival in my state, West Bengal in India. The name of the festival is “Durga Puja” in our language, and it means the worship of the hindu goddess named “Durga”. This festival takes place every year in the month of October (or September). Some other states in India and even some other countries celebrate this occasion. For the hindu bengali population in West Bengal, this is the most significant festival and one of the most important social and cultural event, which is celebrated throughout five consecutive days.

The Durga puja has been celebrated since the medieval period. During the 18th century, the worship of Durga became popular among the rich families of Bengal. They initiated Durga Puja at their residences, but the festivities were celebrated as a community. Today, the culture of Durga puja has shifted from the rich houses to Sarbojanin (means “involving all”) forms. Now-a-days, almost all the people of certain locality pays some subscription and with that collected money a Durga puja takes place in each locality. For Sarbojanin Durga puja, generally a pandal (a temporary structure) is made. A Durga idol is bought from the expert idol-makers and the idol is placed inside the pandal. Actually there are several idols, the idol of Durga stays in the middle and the idols of her children “Laxmi”, “Saraswati”, “Ganesha” and “Kartik” are kept on both sides. This whole set of idols are worshipped for five days. Durga Puja is very symbolic because it tries to portray the winning of “good” (goddess Durga) over the “evil” (Mahishasur, the demon). It is a worship of power of “good” which always wins over the evil. Generally, the idol of goddess has ten hands, each hand holding a weapon to kill the demon.

Today’s Durga Puja in West Bengal, goes far beyond religion. It is one of the largest outdoor art festival on earth and people from all religions and all countries come to experience this event. The art displayed during the Durga puja, in the form of stylish idols and extravagant pandals, is very rich and intricate.

I hope you will enjoy my clicks of the pandals and the idols. These are from last year’s Durga puja. You are welcome to comment or ask questions, if you have any.

Blogging 101 : Introducing myself and my blog

Hello fellow bloggers! I am Ms. Swagata Mukherjee from Kolkata, India. I have just submitted my Ph.D thesis in Physics and I am waiting to get the degree. I have been blogging in WordPress for the last 2 months, so I am relatively new in blogosphere. I have two reasons to start a blog. I love to travel and I want to share my travel stories with the world. The second reason is photography, which is one of my hobbies. I do take a lot of pictures, especially when I am traveling. I do not have any formal training in photography. It is just that I love to capture whatever attracts my eyes. I am an amateur photographer. I think that photography is also a wonderful way to preserve the memories of the fantastic moments of life. So, the bottomline is that clicking is important, and I am here to show my clicks to my fellow bloggers. I would love to connect to amateur and professional photographers via this blog and I hope to learn a lot about photography by interacting with them.

The title of my blog is “Through My Eyes”, which is very generic as a title of a blog, but I want it to be generic because I may occasionally want to write a book-review or an essay about some social issue. If the title were too specific, like say Swagata’s travel diary or Through Swagata’s lens, then it would have seemed very odd to publish anything unrelated to travel or photography. However, my blog’s followers and would-be followers may note that my blog is mostly about travel and photography. I try other things very rarely. The tag-line of my blog is “The World, as I see it”, which is just a further clarification of the title.

In these past 2 months, I have published several posts and I have received positive feedback from the other bloggers. I am also taking part in some of the weekly photo challenges. I find blogging really enjoyable. I do hope that I will find enough time in coming days to keep blogging successfully.