The aquarium – A pencil sketch


I do not paint, or draw. I never did, except in my school days when I was compelled to draw frog anatomy or human intestine to get enough marks in Biology. So my drawings were all about that and nothing more than that!

A few months ago, an unusual feeling started to grow in my mind. It was an urge to draw something. Not actually something, a particular thing. I felt like I have to draw some fishes! At first, I did not care. I just ignored the urge. But one day, to my great surprise, I actually took a pencil and a white paper (just a white paper from an ordinary exercise book) and I did draw this…

After that, weeks passed. And I never felt any urge to draw anything else. I kept thinking why my mind wanted me to draw these fishes. Human mind is complicated, of course. But there must be something which triggered this urge. There must have been some inspiration or motivation from somewhere….

Then one day, at last, I got it! I got the answer!

In last one year I have visited two interesting places related to the world under water, mostly various kind of fishes. One is Epson aqua-stadium in Tokyo, Japan, which I visited in May 2014. And another is┬áL’Oceanografic in Valencia, Spain; where I had a chance to go in July 2014. Both these places feature several large sized (very large indeed!) aquariums with different marine habitats in it. The huge size of these aqua-parks, the vibrant colors of the fishes and the variety of species that I came across there, must have influenced my mind deeply… deeply enough to make me draw something!

Strange! Human mind is really strange!