Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

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I am very happy to announce that Ms. Arpita Pramanick has nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. Arpita is a lot more than just a fellow blogger to me. It is she who had introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging.Thanks a lot Arpita for this nomination. It means a lot to me.

The Rules for this Award are the following :

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions that she set for you.
  • Publish a picture of the Award.
  • Nominate others and set a few questions for them.

Once again I express my heartfelt thanks to Arpita for this award. Here are the answers to her questions :

Tell us about your favourite holiday destination. 

I love to travel. But there is no particular place which is my favourite holiday destination. Being an Indian, I really enjoy exploring various places in India. The sea beaches, the snow capped mountains, the ruins of historical towns, old temples and forts, the lush green forests, serene lakes, rivers and deserts – one can find everything in India.

But that does not mean that I do not like to travel in foreign lands. When I spent four months in Switzerland for my work, I enjoyed visiting several wonderful places in and around Geneva. I loved travelling in Italy as well.

What do you love best about yourself?

Hmm, very difficult question. What I like most about myself is probably the fact that I always try to do what I want to do, rather than being influenced by what other people want me to do.

How do you love to spend your free time?

By reading story books and watching films. Also, I love to take photographs.


I would like to nominate the following two blogs for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award :

It would be great if you accept the award and respond according to the rules mentioned in this post. If you do not want to participate, it’s okay 🙂

My Questions for you

  1. Tell us something about a book that you have read and which has moved you or at least have made some impact on you.
  2. What is your hobby?
  3. Is there any specific place that you definitely want to visit?
  4. What is the definition of religion according to you?

Happy blogging. Have fun and enjoy !!

Carvings on Indian temples (1)


Carving on the outer wall of Somnathpur temple near Mysore, Karnataka. This temple was built during the reign of Hoysala kings in South India.

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Visiting Hill Stations: The Must-Do Activity in Summer for Bengali’s

Urban Skyline

The residents of the state named “West Bengal” in India are known as Bengalis. They love to travel. Most of the parts of West Bengal are very hot and humid in the summer (April-June) and monsoon months (June-August). The temperature sometimes crosses 40 degrees Centigrade and the humidity makes the situation worse. So, a trip to cool hill stations is the most popular summer activity for the travel-lover Bengalis.

1/200th     F/4.5     ISO-100 1/200th F/4.5 ISO-100

This summer, I visited one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, named Coorg. The temperature was around 20 degrees Centigrade and thus, it was a wonderful escape from the scorching heat for a few days. Coorg is a district in the state of Karnataka in India and is located on the eastern slopes of the “Western Ghats” mountain range.  Coorg is a hilly district, the lowest elevation is 900 meters above sea-level and the highest peak…

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3 day quote challenge : Day 3/3

Today is the 3rd and the last day of the 3-day quote challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, so once again I thank Arpita for nominating me for this quote challenge. Today I am sharing a quote by the famous scientist Marie Curie. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, as well as the first person and the only woman to win it twice. It is not unrelated to mention here about the legacy of the Curie family about Nobel Prize. This family has received five Nobel Prizes. Marie Curie received the prizes in Physics (in 1903) and Chemistry (in 1911). Her husband, Pierre Curie, shared the 1903 Physics prize with her. Their daughter, Irene Joliot-Curie, received the Nobel Prize in 1935 together with her husband Frédéric Joliot-Curie.

Enjoy this wonderful quote by Marie Curie.


I would like to nominate the following three blogs for the 3-day quote challenge.


Musings of a frequent flying scientist

Simply marquessa

Rules for Three-Day Quote Challenge

  • Thank the blogger, who nominated you.
  • Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days in your blog. It can be your own, or from a book, movie or from anyone who inspires you.
  • Nominate 3 more bloggers to carry on this endeavour.

Thanks and keep blogging 🙂

3 day quote challenge : Day 2/3

Today is the 2nd day of the 3-day quote challenge. Thanks to Arpita for nominating me for this challenge. I am really enjoying taking part in this challenge. I am sharing Robin Sharma’s quote today. Robin Sharma is a Canadian writer, famous speaker and leadership expert. His quotes are really inspiring and I hope you will enjoy this one.


Thanks and keep blogging.

Post-Lunch Nap

Urban Skyline

1/40th     F/5.8     ISO-100 1/40th     F/5.8     ISO-100

For the residents of Kolkata, visiting the city zoo is a fun, and they often do it, especially in winter, when the weather is good here in India. Summer, in Kolkata is intolerable because of scorching heat (around 40 degrees C) and extreme humidity (around 80% or more). Winters are lovely in comparison to that, with less humidity and a moderate temperature of around 10 to 15 degrees. I am born and brought-up in Kolkata and I am whole-heartedly a Kolkatan. So I also love to visit the city zoo in winter. Among the several animals, the prime attractions are, of course, the Royal Bengal tigers. They come in two colors, white and orange, both with black stripes on it. Both are photogenic and they like to pose for camera. I have clicked them several times. On a wonderful winter afternoon I had…

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